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Womens Health Week

Womens Telehealth

Dr. C. Anne Patterson

Womens Health Week

This week marks national “Women’s Health Week” in America! The goal is empower women to make their health a priority and to take time out to reflect on how we can improve our health. Women are never too busy to take care of their health! Dr. Anne Patterson, a board-certified OBGYN and past President of the GA OBGYN Society will be discussing steps women can take to improve and maintain their health throughout their lives and preventive screenings for women.

Angel Flight Soars

Medical Association of Georgia

Bert Light, Jeanine Chambers

Angel Flight Soars

Angel Flight Soars is a non-profit organization that is available to help any medically stable and
ambulatory patient who demonstrates a financial need and/or anyone who cannot use or access
commercial transportation. It serves patients who reside in or need to travel to or through
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee. When there is a
need that extends beyond this region, Angel Flight Soars coordinates with affiliate organizations
through the Air Care Alliance.

Angel Flight has coordinated more than 39,000 mission flights in the last 34 years. In 2016, it
coordinated more than 3,200 missions – which translates into eight missions a day, seven days a
week. It helped patients from 34 states who ranged in age from newborn to 97 years old and who
had nearly 180 medical conditions.

Go to or call 770.452.7958 to support Angel Flight Soars with a tax-
deductible donation or for additional information.

Jeanine Chambers has served as the executive director of Angel Flight Soars for 18 years.
Under her leadership, Angel Flight’s missions have increased by 950 percent. It is also worth
noting that Jeanine has built Angel Flight’s public awareness to unprecedented levels.

Bert Light is a member of Angel Flight’s Board of Directors. He has been an Angel Flight
volunteer pilot and contributor since 1999. Bert is a partner in a family business, Artlite Office
Supply, that provides Angel Flight with administrative support. He was honored as Angel Flight’s

Medical Association of Georgia

Bert Light, Jeanine Chambers

pilot of the year in both 2000 and 2001.

Dr. Priyah Rudolph

Dr. Priyah Rudolph

On this episode of Top Docs Radio I hosted Dr. Priyah Rudolph, medical oncologist with Georgia Cancer Specialists.  Dr. Rudolph practices in the Athens, GA office for the group and has expertise with several forms of cancer.  She shared her poignant story about how she came to choose oncology as her specialty of practice.

Dr. Rudolph described how several members of her family experienced cancer in their lives, including her mother.  In speaking with her it’s clear she has a very personal connection with patients she sees in her practice and clearly understands the stress and concern they feel.

For this conversation, we focused on breast cancer.  According to, in the US, roughly 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  Nearly 300,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year.

Priya shared the importance self-breast exams, conducted at least monthly, paired with annual mammograms annually after the age of 40 or sooner if direct descendants of breast cancer patients.  Early detection helps give the patient more options for treatment, as well as the likelihood of successful treatment.

She talked about various treatments available and what to expect should the troubling news come that a finding is indeed cancer.  On a positive note, we talked about the fact that breast cancer is very survivable with today’s technology and medical advancements.

Special Guest:

Dr. Priyah Rudolph, MD, of Georgia Cancer Specialists  Pinterest-logo  facebook_logo_small3  instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 (16x16)  linkedin_small1  youtube logo

Georgia Cancer Specialists

  • Doctor of Medicine, Coimbatore Medical College
  • Residency, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Fellowship, Yale University School of Medicine
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American Society of Hematology
  • PhD in Physiology at The Ohio State University


Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology

On this week’s show I sat down with Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Chad Levitt. We talked about how he decided he wanted to go into radiation oncology as his chosen field of practice. He shared how he enjoyed the fact that the specialty allowed him to call on his liberal arts schooling, helping him to be able to be perceptive to his patients’ needs and concerns, and allowing him to communicate effectively with them in a period of significant stress.

Chad explained how important it is for oncology physicians to make time to insure their patients’ questions are answered and that their concerns have been addressed. He believes the patient needs to be well-informed so they can hopefully experience less anxiety and allow them to make educated choices about their care. He stated the patient should be the “Captain of the Ship” and the health team the crew that helps them get to where they want to go.

We talked about the importance of getting 2nd and even 3rd opinions when facing life-changing illnesses such as cancer. Chad shared that it is vital to do so before engaging in treatments that cannot be undone. Given the political and personal alliances that can be present in a given hospital ecosystem, it is wise to seek 2nd opinions in hospitals or systems that are outside that of the primary physician to allow for likelihood of a more objective opinion.

Special Guest:

Dr. Chad Levitt, MD, of Radiotherapy Associates of Forsyth

Radiotherapy Associates of Forsyth

Loving Arms Cancer Outreach

Loving Arms Cancer Outreach

Loving Arms Cancer Outreach

Over the past year we’ve talked about cancer on several occasions.  We have hosted physician panels, sharing how to prevent cancers and how they’re diagnosed, and treatment options patients have to choose from.

We’ve also spoken with cancer survivors who have come on the share their stories about being diagnosed, and their experiences during treatment and beyond, as survivors.

This week I hosted cancer survivor, Angel DeJesus, office manager for Loving Arms Cancer Outreach.  This non-profit cancer support organization was started by two practicing oncology nurses.  They had seen how many patients deplete their financial resources paying for their cancer care.

This leaves them with with limited ability to pay for obligations of daily life such as rent/mortgage, utilities, gas to get them to treatment, and more.  They started Loving Arms Cancer Outreach to provide some measure of assistance with these needs along with support group services, education, opportunities to volunteer, and others.

Angel shared his poignant story about experiencing a cancer that ultimately cost him is right eye and how he, too, lost his home, job, and savings paying for his cancer care.  He explained how Loving Arms Cancer Outreach provided him with their support services and even were able to provide rides to his treatment when he was a patient.

The financial expense and logistics of providing rides to cancer patients was too great for the organization to continue that service.  But they continue to offer financial assistance and support group services and others.  We are hopeful listeners will help with donations, time, or share this message with folks who may be able to do so.

Special Guest

Angel DeJesus, Office Manager, Loving Arms Cancer Outreach

Loving Arms Cancer Outreach


Cancer Support Community Atlanta at Northside Cancer Institute


Cancer Support Community at Northside Cancer Institute


Cancer Support Community Atlanta


at Northside Cancer Institute  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3

This week I sat down with three ladies from the Cancer Support Community at Northside Cancer Institute.  The Cancer Support Community, Atlanta, is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing a variety of supportive services for cancer patients and their families in a home-like environment in the heart of Atlanta. Their staff provides a wide range of support, informative education programs, a variety of gentle stress reduction and exercise classes.  The Cancer Support Community also provides access to a number of social activities that enable cancer patients, survivors, and care givers to get to know others who are in or who have experienced similar challenging circumstances.  All classes are offered free of charge and are led by seasoned professionals committed to supporting individuals and families in our community facing cancer.  Through participating in these educational, supportive, and social offerings, patients, survivors, and loved ones can reduce anxiety in their lives, gain hope and a sense of greater control in their lives, and achieve higher levels of health and fitness (physical and emotional).

My guests on the show have all experienced cancer either as a patient or as a loved one/care giver for a person dealing with cancer.  As you listen to their stories it is quickly apparent that when you engage in the services offered by the Cancer Support Community at Northside Cancer Institute you will be cared for by people who truly understand and can relate to your situation.  Many of the folks you’ll meet when you go to the Cancer Support Community are long-time survivors who have been utilizing their services for a number of years—and they plan to continue.  Check out today’s show and you’ll understand why!

Special Guests:

Rachel Newby, LMSW

Rachel is an Atlanta native who attended Oglethorpe University, where she received a BA in psychology.  She continued her education at UGA where she received her Masters Degree in Social Work. Rachel currently lives in the city of Decatur, is married, has 2 kids and way too many pets!  As for her connection to cancer, Rachel’s mother was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 1998, her freshman year of college. Unfortunately, at the time, supportive services for cancer patients were limited and she was extremely isolated. She died during Rachel’s senior year of college. She has been with the Cancer Support Community since 2005, making this her 9th year with the organization. Rachel’s day to day goal is to make sure that people that come to CSC Atlanta feel supported by the staff and one another.

Bonnie Bennett

Volunteer coordinator, CSC-Atlanta, 12-year breast cancer survivor and client of CSC-Atlanta

Bonnie is from Winston-Salem, NC and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1966 with a BA in Elementary Education. After teaching in NC, she moved to Atlanta in 1969 and went to work for what was then the Trust Company of Georgia, now SunTrust. In 1973, Bonnie married an Atlanta native and started a family. Twelve years ago at age 58, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to a strong family history of the disease, she elected to have a bi-lateral mastectomy with no reconstruction. Two years after this experience, she was introduced to the Cancer Support Community. She found she was having difficulty in returning to life as she had known it before the experience. At CSC, Bonnie found the support she was looking for. The positive and welcoming environment, along with the many activities and events offering further support, helped her move forward. Since that time, Bonnie has continued to participate as an active member in addition to serving as the volunteer coordinator. She coordinates a wonderful group of volunteers who staff the front desk during the week. They are there to greet CSC members, as well as to assist the staff. Bonnie also conducts the Monday morning orientation meeting, which introduces new members to the facility.  Cancer Support Community Atlanta has an annual fundraiser in April, the Chastain Chase 5K, which is staffed by CSC volunteers. Bonnie is a wife, mother and grandmother who is grateful for and passionate about the Cancer Support Community!

Donna Meyer, BSN, MS

Donna Meyer is the Survivorship Coordinator at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. In her role she works with patients and caregivers from the time of their diagnosis throughout the balance of their lives—that’s the definition of a “Survivor”! Her focus and passion is on improving the quality of life for families impacted by cancer through treatment summaries, survivorship care plans, supportive care, education and special events.

Donna is a RN with many years of experience in a wide variety of care settings. In addition she has a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She is a cancer survivor herself so she has personal experience with many of the same concerns that patients and families are experiencing. Donna has been active in the community working in schools, churches and community organizations and promotes health and wellness as part of cancer prevention and healthy living after a diagnosis

She is a liaison with the Cancer Support Community and works with them to support their programing and advocate for needs of patients and families within the Northside care system.




Important Cancer Resources for Georgians

GeorgiaCORE and TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation


Cancer Resources for Georgians

Special Guests: Alice Kerber, Angie Patterson, and Erin Long

This week we’ll hear about important cancer resources available to patients in Georgia from Alice Kerber and Angie Patterson of GeorgiaCORE. The organization is a public private partnership dedicated to facilitating cancer prevention, care, research, and education.  They are focused on helping patients get better access to available cancer resources from early diagnosis to best treatments available, and support once they are survivors.  Through initiatives such as, Georgia Breast Cancer Genomic Consortium, and the Cancer Patient Navigator program, GeorgiaCORE facilitates greater community awareness and helps improve cancer outcomes for Georgians.  TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation provides a range of specialized rehabilitation services tailored specifically for the breast cancer survivor.  As a charitable organization they are able to provide care to under- or uninsured patients who require care as well.  Director of Development, Erin Walker Long discusses the therapies they provide along with some of their upcoming fund-raising initiatives.

Alice Kerber, MN, APRN, ACNS-BC, AOCN, APNG, GeorgiaCORE   facebook_logo_small3  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  youtube logo

  • Oncology Nurse Specialist working to improve quality of cancer care in Georgia
  • 34 years of oncology experience, both inpatient & outpatient
  • Heavily involved in a CDC program, “Georgia Breast Cancer Genomic Consortium”
  • 2011 Recipient, Oncology Nurse of the Year by Georgia March of Dimes

Angie Patterson, Vice President of Research & Education, GeorgiaCORE

  • Co-founder, Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia
  • Focused heavily on improving cancer care through implementation of patient navigation and survivorship programs
  • Breast Cancer Survivor
  • Volunteer with Northside Hospital’s Network of Hope

Erin Long, Development Director for TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation  facebook_logo_small3  twitter_logo_small  feed logo

  • 15 years of fundraising experience in healthcare and education
  • Enjoy tennis, exercise and reading
  • Mother of two children under 4

Cancer Survivors Discuss Late Effects of Radiation


cancer survivors and late effects of radiation


Cancer Survivors

This week I am joined by two cancer survivors who successfully beat their cancers but ended up as part of the group of patients who have problems where they received radiation therapy, called “late effects of radiation”. For most patients who experience these issues the symptoms they experience get better with a few weeks of time and conservative measures. But for some, they persist and can have significant impact on quality of life.  The symptoms these patients experience depend upon where the radiation was administered on to the body.  They can include non-healing wounds on the gums, sometimes exposing the jaw bone (mandible), necrosis (cell death) of the jaw bone, breast pain, chronic diarrhea, bleeding with urination or bowel movements, bladder pain, painful bowel movements, and sensations of urinary and/or bowel frequency and urgency.  Hear how they were able to successfully treat their late effects of radiation with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

cancer survivors and late effects of radiation

Dick Cailouet and Dan Dodson, cancer survivors who are among the group who experienced late effects of radiation.

Special Guests

Dick Caillouet   facebook_logo_small3 twitter_logo_small Pinterest-logo google-plus-logo-red-265px

Dan Dodson  

  • 3 year survivor of tonsilar cancer  twitter_logo_small linkedin_small1 facebook_logo_small3 google-plus-logo-red-265px
  • CEO, Co-founder, Mastermind Marketing
  • Previously, CPA, HLB Gross Collins, PC
  • Expert in Involvement Marketing, having been published in numerous publications and speaking at trade shows on the subject.

Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Top Docs Radio features healthcare providers and professionals sharing their expertise to “Get the Word Out” about a variety of health problems, treatments and community concerns to elevate our community’s well-being.


Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer

Dr. James Bennett talks prostate prevention, diagnosis, treatment.

This week, I was joined by two physicians who regularly work with men facing prosate cancer. Dr. Peter Rossi and Dr. James Bennett to discuss the variety of treatment options available for men dealing with this cancer that affects as many as one in six men.

The host of Top Docs Radio is Charles “CW” Hall with Hyperbaric Physicians of Georgia.


Peter Rossi, MD, Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital Radiation Oncology 

  • Doctorate of Medicine, Wayne State University School of Medicine
  • Internship, Naval Medical Center San Diego
  • Residency, Wake Forest University Medical Center
  • Board Certified, Radiation Oncology
  • Fellowship in low dose rate and high dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cance treatment
  • Contributor on many clinical trials studying treatment of prostate cancer

James Bennett, MD, Midtown Urology

  • Doctorate of Medicine, Duke University
  • Urology Residency, Emory University Medical Center
  • Board Certified in Urology
  • Fellow of American College of Surgery
  • Assistant Medical Director, Emory University Hospital Midtown
  • Recipient, Practitioner of the Year 1999, by National Medical Association
  • Author of over 40 scientific articles on urologic topics
Dr. James Bennett, Charles "CW" Hall, Dr. Peter Rossi

Dr. James Bennett, Charles “CW” Hall, Dr. Peter Rossi

Rehabilitation After Breast Reconstruction Surgery and Radiation Therapy


Top Docs Radio features healthcare providers and professionals sharing their expertise to “Get the Word Out” about a variety of health problems, treatments and community concerns to elevate our community’s well-being.


Rehabilitation After Breast Reconstruction Surgery and Radiation Therapy

This week, we’re going to talk more about the experience of chemotherapy, memory issues that can arise during treatment – sometimes referred to as “chemo brain”, and learn all about Turning Point in Sandy Springs, a rehabilitation facility that focuses on the needs of patients who have had previous radiation therapy.

The host of Top Docs Radio is Charles “CW” Hall with Hyperbaric Physicians of Georgia.


Cookie Aftergut

  • 12 year Stage II breast cancer survivor, treated with chemotherapy and radiation
  • Founder of ChemoChic and ChemoFlage
  • Recipient of “Yoplait Champion” award and recognized by the Susan G. Komen Foundation and SELF Magazine for her community work

Karen Burpo

  • Community Outreach Coordinator for Turning Point Breast Cancer Rehabilitation (and former patient)
  • Surviving cancer
  • Master Gardener
  • Supportive counselor and companion to friends going through diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
  • Active in church and neighborhood activities
Cookie Aftergut, Charles "CW" Hall, Karen Burpo

Cookie Aftergut, Charles “CW” Hall, Karen Burpo