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Manners Matter


Manners Matter

Dr. Silverman is a cardiologist with Northside Hospital. He also teaches at the cardiac clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital – where he has been a volunteer since 1973. Dr. Silverman received his medical degree from Ohio State University. He completed his internship and residency at Vanderbilt University, while he received his cardiology training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

He was an officer with the U.S. Public Health Service at the CDC. Dr. Silverman started the cardiology teaching program at Emory for Northside Hospital. He also developed Northside’s cardiology program. He served as the editor of Atlanta Medicine magazine for 15 years, and he is a long-time member of the MAG Journal editorial board.
After retiring as the founder of the pediatric ICU of the Scottish Rite Campus of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and founding and directing Atlanta’s busiest special care nursery, Dr. Saul Adler completed a Master of Arts degree in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University. He currently writes short stories and novels and screenplays.

Dr. Barry Silverman and Dr. Saul Adler wrote the book ‘Your Doctor’s Manners Matter: Better Health Through Civility in the Doctor’s Office and in the Hospital.’ The book helps patients understand what qualities they should look for in their doctors. Good manners are about respect, communication, being dutiful, caring, benevolence, and understanding.

These are all critical values in an accomplished doctor. The book describes what common courtesies and manners patients should expect from their health care providers – and how failing to meet these expectations can result in lower quality and more costly care.

Their book addresses a number of important issues, including the origins of poor behavior in the medical office; why manners matter; how doctors communicate; how rude and uncivil behavior can lead to bad outcomes; what a patient should expect in terms of civility and good manners; how ordering a lots of tests does not necessarily
translate into quality care; what a patient should expect in the doctor’s office; how to navigate a hospital setting (emergency room, admitting office, surgical suite, and hospital ward); how to interact with multiple physicians at the same time; understanding who is in charge; and how to interact with the nurses, PAs, and consulting and attending physicians.

The book is available on


Dr. Scott Kelly

Dr. Scott Kelly

Dr. Scott Kelly, author of “What I’ve Learned From You: Lessons of Life Taught to a Doctor By His Patients”

Dr. Scott Kelly

I sat down with practicing orthopedic physician and author of the book, “What I’ve Learned From You:  The Lessons Of Life Taught To A Doctor By His Patients“.  He shared the story of how this moving and inspirational book came together.  He described how the book was drawn from journaling he did during his medical training over the course of several years.

He has always had a passion for writing and uses the medium as a way to process things that are important to him or that make an impression on him in his daily life.  Dr. Kelly talked about how he was going through some things in the attic and came across the journal several years after putting it away and how emotional it was to go back and read his thoughts and experiences from that time in his life.

He thought the interesting experiences and life lessons he picked up through numerous patient encounters would be great for his children to hear about and decided to put it into book for basically for them.  He decided to submit the manuscript to publishers and was surprised by the enthusiastic positive response he received.

You’ll enjoy listening to him tell his story and you can readily hear how big of an impact those life experiences had on him that he carries with him today.  Check this great interview and learn more at his website.


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Dr. Scott Kelly