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Talking Skin Cancer

Northside Cancer Institute


Skin Cancer

According to, more than 2 million persons per year are diagnosed with skin cancer.  There are more cases than breast, lung, prostate, and colon cancers combined.  Left undiscovered or untreated for too long, these cancers can spread to other parts of the body, leading to serious illness and death.  1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  It’s a problem we can reduce in frequency with which it occurs.  When skin cancer does occur it is ideally treated by a team of physicians from a variety of specialties to most effectively eliminate the cancer and reduce the risk for it returning.  On this week’s show I sat down with 5 of Atlanta’s top physicians who make up the multi-specialty team who treat skin cancer at the Northside Cancer Institute.  We discussed expert-recommended ways to limit the likelihood of developing skin cancer as well as how to get thoroughly checked for the presence of worrisome lesions that could potentially be or that could become cancers.  In this way, patients who do develop cancerous skin lesions can catch them at an early stage, making it possible to successfully eliminate the cancer with less aggressive treatments.  In addition to a dermatologist who frequently works with skin cancer patients we had a chance to learn what the treatment options are for the various stages of skin cancer.  And we discussed what a patient can expect as they progress through the course of care from a surgical oncologist, medical oncologist, reconstructive plastic surgeon, and radiation oncologist.

Northside Cancer Institute

Special Guests :

Dr. Alexander Gross, MD of Georgia Dermatology Center  google-plus-logo-red-265px  twitter_logo_small  youtube logo  facebook_logo_small3 

Georgia Dermatology Center

  • Doctorate of Medicine, University of South Florida College of Medicine
  • Residency, Dermatology, Vanderbilt University
  • Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jenny Chang, MD of Artisan Plastic Surgery  facebook_logo_small3  linkedin_small1

Jenny Chang

  • MD, Universidad de Buenos Aires with Honors
  • w Residency, General Surgery, Providence Hospital and Medical Center
  • w Faculty, Department of Surgery, Providence Hospital and Medical Center
  • w Fellowship, Plastic Surgery, Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University
  • w Board Certified, Plastic Surgery and General Surgery

Dr. Sahar Rosenbaum, MD of Northside Hospital Radiation Oncology Care  

Northside Radiation Oncology Care

  • Doctorate of Medicine, Medical College of Pennsylvania
  • Residency, Radiation Oncology, Cooper Hospital/UMC
  • Board Certified, Radiation Oncology
  • Also holds degrees in Speech Pathology/Audiology and Masters in Psychology

Dr. Scott Davidson, MD of Melanoma Specialists of Georgia    

Melanoma & Sarcoma Specialists of Georgia

  • Doctorate of Medicine, University of Florida School of Medicine
  • Residency, General Surgery Orlando Regional Medical Center
  • Residency, Surgical Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Board Certified, American Board of Surgery
  • Fellowship, Surgical Oncology, MD Anderson Medical Center

Aaron Alizadeh, MD of Georgia Cancer Specialists    Pinterest-logo  instagram-logo-transparent-png-i11 (16x16)  youtube logo  facebook_logo_small3

Georgia Cancer Specialists

  • Doctorate of Medicine, Wayne State University
  • Residency, Oncology, Emory University
  • Fellowship, Hematology/Oncology, Emory University
  • Board Certified, Medical Oncology/Hematology, and Internal Medicine

Georgia Podiatry Inc

Georgia Podiatry Inc

CW & Schwegman talking with Evan Brody and Ashish Kapila of GA Podiatry


Georgia Podiatry, Inc.

Today, Schwegman and I sat down to learn about Georgia Podiatry, Inc.  Dr. Evan Brody founded Georgia Podiatry after practicing several years in a large multi-site group.  He has since added two more locations to provide more convenient access to the care of their foot and ankle specialists.  Dr. Brody sees patients with the gamut of foot and ankle problems, including patients experiencing limb-threatening diabetic ulcers.  While he is a surgeon he recommends surgery to correct a problem only after non-surgical corrective options have been explored to give the greatest outcome with the least disruption in the patient’s daily life.  He brought with him Dr. Ashish Kapila, his colleague who works with him in their Austell office.  Dr. Kapila joined the practice recently and provides care for patients with traumatic/sports injuries, diabetic and non-diabetic foot deformities such as charcot, and patients with limb-threatening wounds in addition to more general foot and ankle problems.  As a practice they place much emphasis on patient experience with regard to how they interact with their patients as well as design of the office—no frosted glass wall will greet you when you walk up to the front desk at Georgia Podiatry.

Special Guests:

Dr. Evan Brody, DPM, of Georgia Podiatry, Inc  twitter_logo_small  youtube logo  facebook_logo_small3

  Georgia Podiatry

  • Doctorate of Podiatry, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
  • Residency, VA Hospital
  • Recipient, Dean’s Leadership Award
  • Developed surgical techniques for 5th Ray and Transmetatarsal Amputation

Dr. Ashish Kapila, DPM of Georgia Podiatry, Inc.

Georgia Podiatry

  • Doctorate of Podiatry, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
  • Residency, South Miami Hospital
  • Co-author, “Guide to Preventative Offloading for Diabetic Foot Ulcer”


Apex Animal Hospital in Austell, GA

Apex Animal Hospital

Dr. Cary and Jamie talk about why Apex is a great choice for pets.


Apex Animal Hospital

I was pleased to be able to sit down recently with Dr. Kimberly Cary, DVM and her husband/Practice Manager, Jamie Cary to talk about Apex Animal Hospital in Austell.  Our family recently found their practice having moved not far from their location.  We were immediately struck by the warm, welcoming demeanor of all their staff as well as the amount of time Dr. Cary gives her clients each time you’re there.  The office space is beautiful and clean and designed with much consideration for the animals they treat as well as providing special space for the difficult times when families must say, “Goodbye,” to their beloved pets at the end of their lives.  We take our 3 dogs and 1 cat for their annual care and emergencies to Dr. Cary at Apex Animal Hospital and we whole-heartedly recommend folks for whom Austell makes driving sense to do the same.  You will not be disappointed!  On the show Dr. Cary discusses a variety of important topics that could help you insure your pet stays healthy and happy for many years.

Special Guest:

Dr. Kimberly Carey, DVM of Apex Animal Hospital   google-plus-logo-red-265px  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3  

  • Doctorate Veterinary Medicine (with honors), Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Values educating pet owners who are her clients to help them best care for their pets
  • President, Cobb County Veterinary Medical Association
  • Owner of 2 cats and a dog of her own

Talking Lung Cancer With Northside Cancer Institute Physicians

Lung Cancer

Dr.’s Howard Silverboard, Lijo Simpson, Nancy Wiggers, and John Gouldman talk lung cancer.


Lung Cancer

Northside Cancer Institute Physicians Discuss Lung Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States.  Additionally, the lung cancer patient population in Georgia experiences a higher-than-average mortality rate than the rest of the country.  It’s a serious concern.  Because we live in a heavily-rural region within the heart of the tobacco belt our community has many cigarette smokers.  On top of that the Southeast region of the country, including much of Georgia, has very high levels of Radon gas present in the soil.  When individuals are exposed to higher levels of Radon gas their risk of lung cancer is significantly increased, particularly when they are smokers or exposed to second-hand smoke.

On today’s show, made possible by a collaboration with Northside Cancer Institute, we talk with some of Atlanta’s premier physicians from Northside Cancer Institute who are tasked with diagnosing and treating lung cancer.  The discuss measures to prevent or reduce risk for developing lung cancer, who should consider screening for the disease, how it’s diagnosed and staged, and treatment measures for lung cancer once it’s discovered.

Northside’s cancer program was selected to be one of fewer than 30 hospitals that comprise the National Community Cancer Center (NCCCP) in recognition of the program’s excellence in cancer care and leadership in the community.  Over the last two years, Northside has taken great strides to utilize the opportunities that come with being a part of the NCCCP and has expanded its regional position as one of the largest and most respected providers of comprehensive cancer services.  Another example of the level of cancer expertise Northside offers its patients is reflected in the recent partnership initiated between Northside Cancer Institute and Georgia Cancer Specialists and Atlanta Cancer Care.  These two cancer groups comprise the largest collection of cancer specialists in the community and offers access to some of the regions most respected cancer physicians. 

Special Guests:

Howard Silverboard, MD of Pulmonary and Critical Care of Atlanta  facebook_logo_small3

Pulmonology & Critical Care of Atlanta

  • Doctorate of Medicine, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Residency, Emory Hospital, Emory University School of Medicine
  • Fellowship, Pulmonology & Critical Care, Emory University School of Medicine
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Critical Care
  • Medical Director, Thoracic Oncology Dept., Northside Hospital

Lijo Simpson, MD of Atlanta Cancer Care  facebook_logo_small3

Atlanta Cancer Care

  • Doctorate of Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Residency, Internal Medicine, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
  • Fellowship, Hematology/Oncology, Mayo Clinic
  • Author of multiple published studies
  • Frequent presenter, American Society of Clinical Oncology

Nancy Wiggers, MD of Northside Hospital Radiation Oncology Care  facebook_logo_small3  youtube logo  twitter_logo_small

Northside Hospital Radiation Oncology Care

  • MD, Medical College of Georgia
  • Residency, Medical College of Georgia
  • Board Certified, Radiation Oncology
  • Co-Author, “Portal Design in Radiation Therapy”

John Gouldman, MD of Atlanta Cardiac & Thoracic Surgical Associates  facebook_logo_small3

Atlanta Cardiac & Thoracic Surgical Associates

  • Doctorate of Medicine, Medical College of Georgia
  • Fellowship, Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Louisville
  • Board Certified in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Recipient, Dean’s Research Fellowship Award
  • Only surgeon in Georgia performing Nuss Pectus Repair in young adults

Health Connect South and Medical Association of Georgia

Health Connect South

Russ Lipari of Health Connect South


Health Connect South and Medical Association of Georgia

This week on TopDocsRADIO I sat down with Russ Lipari, Founder and CEO of Health Connect South and Donald Palmisano, CEO and Executive Director of the Medical Association of Georgia.

The mission of Health Connect South is to improve the health of our community by acting as a nexus for gathering of healthcare resources in the region to enhance and facilitate collaboration.  The purpose of bringing these robust resources together is to expand awareness of data, logistics assets, research efforts, initiatives, etc.  By bringing experts together from the various sectors that face the healthcare space, the door is opened to expose as-yet unrealized opportunities to make large impacts on a variety of major health concerns affecting our population.  Health Connect South is hosting their inaugural event coming up September 15, with a few of the limited attendee slots left available.  On the show, Russ talks about the launch of the organization, its upcoming event 9/15, and discusses the many companies, thought leaders, and health entities coming together to help our community become the premier epicenter for healthcare in the country.

Medical Association of Georgia

Donald Palmisano, CEO/Exec. Dir. of Medical Association of Georgia

The Medical Association of Georgia is the primary medical association for the physician community in Georgia.  Their membership has representation from all specialties and all healthcare delivery settings.  They serve as a collecting and distribution hub of academic data that can help clinicians advance their practices to reflect current research.  And the association is very active in one of their core functions, serving as the voice of the medical community at the state capital and beyond to help insure legislation that is passed does not hinder the ability of our community’s physicians in their ability to provide the quality of care our citizens deserve.  On this episode, Donald Palmisano, CEO/Exec. Dir. of MAG talks about efforts underway to address ACA issues, Medicare reform, and the association’s efforts to raise awareness about prescription drug abuse through their “Think About It” program.  Be sure to register for MAG’s upcoming Annual Meeting at Callaway Gardens 10/18.

Special Guests

Russ Lipari, Founder/CEO of Health Connect South  linkedin_small1  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3

Health Connect South

Russ Lipari

  • Graduate, Harvard Business School
  • MPA, Georgia State University
  • Principal, Fortis Group Real Estate Holdings
  • Marshall Memorial Fellow/The German Marshall Fund of the United States
  • President, CEO of Validus Group LLC
  • The Carter Center, Board of Counsilors
  • Chairman, Health Leadership Council, United Way of Greater Atlanta

Donald Palmisano, CEO, Executive Director of Medical Association of Georgia  twitter_logo_small  linkedin_small1  facebook_logo_small3

Medical Association of Georgia

Donald Palmisano

  • JD Law, Loyola School of Law
  • Board of Directors, Physician Advocacy Institute
  • Medical Payment Subcommitte Member, State Board of Workers’ Compensation
  • Treasurer, Board of Directors, Physicians’ Institute for Excellence in Medicine
  • Former Director, Government Relations/General Counsel/Director, GAMPAC