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CW Hall  hosts TopDocs RADIO weekly on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm EST

Top Docs Radio is a forum for conversations with leading doctors and thought leaders. Discussions are about cutting edge trends and topics in health, wellness and lifestyle issues.

Top Docs Radio is presented by Medical Association of Georgia and Women’s Telehealth is hosted by Charles Hall. The program airs live every Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST from the Business RadioX® studio in Atlantic Station.

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End of Life End-of- life is a significant issue for patients, families and health care teams. The Institute of Medicine and the book ‘Being Mortal’ have increased the awareness of the public and the health care profession. The key to the issue is the ability of a patient to express their wishes for how they … [more]

Telemedicine Education for Healthcare Professionals This week Tanya Mack hosted Aneel Irfan, of Telehealth Magazine, to talk about telemedicine education for healthcare professionals.  American healthcare is transforming and telemedicine will be a critical part of it going into the future.  Research, medical information and consults are now delivered instantly across large geographic distances. Telemedicine has … [more]

Health Literacy Health literacy is focused on what physicians and other health care providers can do to provide their patients with information that is both understandable and useful. Patients often struggle understanding what they need to know and do – and health care professionals often deliver messages that are too complicated for patients to understand. … [more]

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