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CW Hall  hosts TopDocs RADIO weekly on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm EST

Top Docs Radio is a forum for conversations with leading doctors and thought leaders. Discussions are about cutting edge trends and topics in health, wellness and lifestyle issues.

Top Docs Radio is presented by Medical Association of Georgia and Women’s Telehealth is hosted by Charles Hall. The program airs live every Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST from the Business RadioX® studio in Atlantic Station.

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Womens Health Week This week marks national “Women’s Health Week” in America! The goal is empower women to make their health a priority and to take time out to reflect on how we can improve our health. Women are never too busy to take care of their health! Dr. Anne Patterson, a board-certified OBGYN and past President of … [more]

Talking About Bad Outcomes All medical malpractice cases involve bad outcomes that generally involve significant damages. In addition to the patient and their family, bad outcomes often devastate the physician and other care providers. Unfortunately, bad outcomes are unpreventable in many cases. How a physician handles a bad outcome with the patient and their family … [more]

Genteel Device Takes Pain Out of Glucose Monitoring Genteel LLC manufactures and sells a lancing device for those with diabetes who either avoid, or limit, their blood glucose checks because of the anxiety and pain of the dreaded finger stick! Developed by Dr. Christopher Jacobs, biomedical engineer, Genteel is the only stand-alone lancing device, 510K … [more]

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